Silver star earrings 2


Handmade silver color star beaded hoop earrings.

Made of glass seed beads, nylon tread and stainless steel.
Item details:
Length- about 4 cm.
Width- about 4 cm.
Earring closure- stainless steel.

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Handmade in Lithuania
Important: Item colors may be slightly different, depending on the display unit you are using.
Please be aware that this is a completely handmade Item so there may be slight variations from one piece to another.

Care instructions:
• Avoid direct contact with perfume, sunscreen, body lotions or other chemicals.
• Remove your jewelry before going to bed when bathing, showering or swimming.
• Avoid direct sunlight, heat or cold, especially stay away from humidity.
• Clean the jewelry after each use and occasionally wipe with a soft cloth.
• Jewelry should be stored separately in jewelry box.


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